Sunday, January 5, 2014

Assalamualaikum 2014

Assalamualaikum, 2014.
hows your new year eve? sorry tak sambut
but, i actually don't feel anything
azam? no. i just hope that i can go further studies
and have a happy life

now i'm working
monday to friday : work
saturday : driving class
sunday : kursus

hahaa ajak je la
i'm waiting

life getting wonderful
no tears. haha
just a moodmaker

future plan?
i want to be a businesswoman
take account or business mng. course.
or addmath teacher as suggested by mak jemah

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How holiday spent

a day after spm ends..
hurmm.. first of all, we need to sleep,..
after sleep, of course wake up right ?
haha okay --'

after wake up? of course pray, eat right..?
after eat ? house task.. like usually lah.
after that? lalalla phone.. drama.. laptop.. tv..
okay that lah the routine every day and after..

okay and now, my holiday has become productive..
i've worked at Taska Bonda Mas for 2 days
since 23/12
and it was so much fun !!
the kids.. baby.. awhhhh so cute !!
i can't deny that i love kids.
hahaha i love baby, not kids.
but, since i worked here, i did love them all
even, a down syndrome kids..
pity him :')
may Allah bless you and gives you chance to know the world better..

and the other workers there, they're so friendly..
not bad at all lah..
i stay there, sleep there maybe..
hurmm.. okay.. that's all from me..
i'll post the my beloved kids :D haha
bye ! annyeong !