Wednesday, August 14, 2013


wae ? ottokae ?
how i can crush to him?
like seriously.. mana datang dia tu ?
macam mana boleh tersuka kat dia ?


first just tengok poker face dia je..
lepas tu compare dia dengan bias.

and day by day, nampak dia sebijik dengan bias.
at last , falling in love..
haaaaaaa :O

and berbuka dengan classmate haritu is the best day !
dapat jumpa dia.. <3
texting him is the best feeling ^^
can i repeat it all back ?
hopefully, i can crush him forever..
and i don't want to lose someone like him
he's too perfect to leave.
not like my previous crush

dear sehun(bukan nama betul),
sorry for liking you,
i know i'm annoying..
but, this is my first time see someone like you..

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